When you'are sleeping


beta by 阿里

While you're sleeping, many people passed by.They're your friends,your bosses,your relatives,the soldiers who you really respected,and you always trusted them.

Some of them gave you something important. Some of them walked silently(or other action?) and tried not to wake
you up. Some of them came back to you more than once to pick up somebody else. Some of them apologized to you wordlessly. Eventually, that man, whom you expected the most, went toward you.

You just kept slumbering away, and your lover intensively stared at you. Determinedly, he led into you--and kissed your (cold or war?) lips.

With all the stars giving off millions of golden bright lights, you finally opened your eyes and saw the whole galaxy went into his.
You couldn't help but smile, watch his face turn as red as yours. From that moment and on, you knew he was the one, who you would be fighting with and love the most. There were millions of words you want to say out loud, but they just didn't come. Thus, you called out his name slowly. 


Then you woke up.

The black–hair girl was staring at you surprised:"Eren……why are you crying?" 

You continued crying, but you answered her at last."I…I almost had a perfect dream."


English is not my mother language…so if there are any mistakes please tell me.
听着《The beast》真是又虐又鸡血,所以花了两个课间写了这篇。是最后一句其实是想说成这样的:"我总觉得……好像做了一个很幸福的梦。"

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